Building a fresh approach to water and waste water services

Icosa Water

Whatever the size of your development, Icosa Water offers an adaptable and competitive approach to water and waste water services with conventional solutions that are commercially better value to you and your new homeowners

An independent water company

Potable Water

Potable water networks, service connections and metering, installed and adopted

Waste Water

Regulated and adopted waste water s104 sewer connections

SUDS & Drainage

Adopting and managing all SUDS and drainage facilities with our onsite integrated water team

Water Recycling

Providing non-potable recycled water supplies to supplement drinking water for toilet flushing and garden irrigation

Modular Sewage Treatment

Onsite modular waste water treatment eliminating off site rising sewer costs and improving project cash flows

Green Space

Management of public open space for improved environmental impact

Independent. Knowledgeable.

Working with developers, house builders & landowners

Delivering water and waste water utility solutions

We are a team of utility infrastructure industry experts providing developers, house builders and consultants with water and waste water solutions

Building new connections

Not only do we build new connections, our services create a positive impact on the local environment of each development we work on

How can we help?

Icosa Water customer? We are here to provide you with safe and reliable drinking water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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Please note that there will be limited customer services  between 4-5 July 2017 as our customer services team are in training. 

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