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Find out about our tariffs and charges, and how your invoice is calculated

We provide measured tariffs for our commercial customers.

The standard measured tariff where a measured supply of water is made available subject to our standard terms and conditions of metered water. The sewerage charges are usually calculated on the assumption that a percentage of the water consumption recorded by the meter is discharged to the sewer. If you believe that consistently less than the percentage stated on your bill of the recorded water supplied is discharged to the sewer, you will need to contact us.

All our commercial premises have a meter fitted.

For traders who have been permitted to discharge trade effluent directly or indirectly to a public sewer, they will be charged on our trade effluent tariff.

For our 2020/21 charges scheme please click on the document that relates to the area you are based in:

Commercial Tariffs

Please contact our Customer Service Team if you have any questions regarding our charges scheme or you are unable to find the relevant charges documentation for your area.

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