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Our Services

We provide water and/or wastewater services to commercial properties within our regional areas.

Do we supply your business?

Check our regional areas to find out if we provide water and/or wastewater to your business premises or call our Customer Service Team on 0330 111 0780.

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Providing quality water is important to us.

As a regulated company we are required by the Water Industry Act 1991 within our area of responsibility:

  • to develop and maintain an efficient and economical system of water supply
  • to provide supplies of water to premises and
  • to maintain, improve and extend our water mains and other pipes such as to manage our network and resources effectively

We are appointed by the water regulator to supply water in specific areas. If your business premises is within one of our areas, you’ll have your water services supplied by us.

If you would like to learn more about where your water comes from and/or your water quality, please visit our Water Quality section.


We provide wastewater services to your property. We also take away the rain water from your property.  As a regulated sewerage company we are required by the Water Industry Act 1991 our area of responsibility includes:

  • to provide, improve and extend a system of public sewers, and to cleanse and maintain them to ensure that our area is effectively drained; and
  • to make provision for emptying our sewers and treatment of sewage.

As with our responsibilities relating to water services, we are appointed to provide wastewater services to specific areas.

If you are not sure if you fall within our area and whether we provide your sewerage services, you can give our Customer Services Team a call on 0330 111 0780 or you can examine your bill. Your bill should clearly identify the company that provides your sewerage services.


0330 111 0780
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm