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S104 Adoptions

S104 Adoptions

We can work with you to get your sewers adopted.

Get in touch with us to discuss adoption of your constructed sewage network, regardless the size of your development, commercial or residential

We adopt sewers for a fixed price per plot, which includes assessment against all assets to be constructed to the latest version of Design & Construction Guidance for Foul and Surface Water Sewers and technical approval and ongoing inspection during the build program.

Once S104 are complete, we will adopt the sewers under S104 of the Water Industry Act 1991.  The sewers become publicly adopted under our wastewater license that applies across England and Wales.

The adopted sewers are thereafter operated and maintained by us.

Working with us will get your sewers adopted consistently by an adopting authority who wants to own the infrastructure.  We have UK wide standards applied consistently and a dedicated team to work with you on site ensuring the adoption process is seamless.