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S106 Application

S106 Application to connect

S106 of the Water Industry Act is used to apply for a new connection to the public sewer network and can be made by any landowner or developer. Any proposed connection must be approved by Icosa Water Services prior to any works being carried out.

As the sewerage undertaker for your area, you are legally required to notify us before a connection is made to the public sewer. Not sure if you’re in our area, you can check by clicking the link below.

Our supply area

Please note that any connections to the public sewer without the required notification, is a criminal offence and may be removed at the developer or landowners expense.

Our fees

A S106 application has 2 options for fees depending on the type of connection you intend to make, and they are as follows:

Option 1:
A private connection serving just one property where the existing sewer runs within the property curtilage. The drain will remain private. This application will cost £187.50

Option 2:
A private connection serving one or more properties where the existing sewer runs within private land owned by others or within the public highway. Icosa Water will adopt the lateral drain subject to a suitable demarcation chamber being constructed. This application will cost £495.00

Please confirm which is applicable to you when submitting your form, which can be downloaded from our useful information page.


Please make your cheque payable to ‘Icosa Water Services Ltd’ and return your completed application form and all supporting documentation to:

Icosa Water Ltd
27-35 Fleet Street

If you wish to pay by credit or debit card, Icosa Water will contact you upon receipt of this form to arrange payment over the phone. Some credit cards will incur a bank handling fee. The amount varies dependent on your provider.

What happens next

  • Once payment is received, we will acknowledge payment by post with 10 working days confirming receipt of your application.
  • A technical assessment will be undertaken within 21 calendar days from receipt of application.

A response will be issued to the applicant stating whether proposals have been accepted or detailing reasons for rejection.