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Our Wastewater Services


We provide regulated and adopted wastewater sewerage connections to new developments.

Wastewater infrastructure is adopted and operated by Icosa Water as part of a New Appointment Variation (NAV) under the Water Industry Act 1991 (as amended) where the development geography is removed from the ‘ownership’ of the monopoly incumbent and replaced by Icosa Water.

The Icosa process is one that is entirely familiar to developers and follows the S104 process established in Design and Construction Guidelines and our relevant addendums. Your contractors construct  approved designs which we inspect and operate under the S104 process.

The main difference is that we are easier to work with and want to operate your assets.

The advantage the Icosa package provides over traditional monopoly incumbents is our flexibility and that we want to operate and control your wastewater networks.

The Icosa price for Design and Construction Guidelines and our relevant addendums are a fixed price per plot schedule based upon your build program working to your specific  requirements.

Customer sewerage tariffs are guaranteed to be at or below the equivalent incumbent prices.