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We will replace the water and/or sewerage incumbents on your development by working with Ofwat under the Water Industry Act 1991 (as amended) and deal with the industry’s primary regulators such as DEFRA, The EA and the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

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We design, install, own and operate our water networks


We provide regulated and adopted wastewater sewerage connections

S104 Adoption

If you are experiencing difficulty in getting your sewers adopted

Working with us

The services we provide comprise of community level sustainable water, sewerage and drainage solutions for residential and commercial developments. These services suit the needs of the development, irrespective of its size and are adapted and tailored to your requirements.

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A regulated water company

We are experts in water and wastewater connections with extensive capability and experience. The industry is complex and requires significant knowledge, expertise and experience, and our team works together with our customers and stakeholders to get the job done – on time.

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Water Industry

In a complicated industry, we make the process simple

Our Licence

Our licence enables us to operate public water and sewerage networks

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