We solve the problem of untidy or poorly maintained sites for developers by adopting, maintaining or working through a site management company (or through direct land ownership) in managing the developers’ green spaces, trees, hedges and community open spaces. The open spaces and green areas of a development are key to establishing the right feel of the site, its ambience and sense of community.

Your customers often form first impressions of your brand when visiting sites under construction and general environmental maintenance needs to reflect high standards. Additionally, during future years it is important that these standards are maintained to continue the community feeling and pride in the environment.

As part of the Icosa community offering we have an environmental team based permanently on each site, with the sole task of maintaining the green environment and delivering a sense of community. The Icosa team work in the long term as part of the water and environmental management of the estate.

The Icosa offer is seen to be far more commercially attractive than traditional maintenance methods and is funded through a start up annual commuted payment from developers, until a volume of residents are on site and from an annual management charge on properties.

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