What is a NAV?

A new appointment variation (NAV) is where an independent water and wastewater company replaces the local incumbent as the water and/or wastewater undertaker for a defined piece of geography within in England and Wales.

How long does the process take?

We agree the basis of the proposal terms and send you a contract for signature. Once contracts are signed, we apply to Ofwat for the licence to remove the relevant incumbent/s from the defined geographical area whilst at the same time engaging with the incumbents on bulk supply/discharge agreements and relevant exchanges with the EA, DWI and CCWater.

The process itself taken between 4-6 months from contract to award. No time is wasted during this period as activities can be carried out in parallel such as technical approval, pipe laying and site inspections.

How much will this cost?

We aim to provide a competitive price compared to the incumbents and offer improved delivery and closer working relationships.

The cost of each individual site varies due to the size of the development, the location, the build rate and the services required. Each quote is tailored for each individual site giving you the personal touch that we believe the industry requires.

How does my site become eligible for a NAV?

Any development with new properties being built that are not already connected for water or wastewater services from the incumbent are eligible.

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