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A day in the life of the Customer Service Manager

We have spent some time talking to Claire Dolan-Harty about her role within Icosa Water. See what she has to say about working for us and what she gets up to on a day to day basis.

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Who am I?

“My name is Claire Dolan-Harty and I’m the Customer Service Manager for Icosa Water. I’ve been working for the company for nearly two years and have more than twenty year’s experience of working within the water industry.”

What is it like working for Icosa Water?

“The role is very different to working within a large water incumbent and having the opportunity to work within a new evolving water company has been a learning curve.

Being new to the NAV process brings its own challenges and I have had to adapt to how the business works. Having the opportunity to work closely with directors also helps with gaining a further insight into legal and regulatory requirements as well as the financial sides of the NAV process.”

What does your day to day consist of?

“The work can vary from day to day from people management, dealing with queries, liaising with incumbents or the regulators as well as conference calls and meetings.

Since lockdown this has changed with more focus being on the health and well-being of staff whilst they are working from home. We have like many other businesses we have had to adapt to other ways of working to make sure customer service is still maintained to the highest level. We need to ensure that our staff are safe and well both physically and mentally to enable them to provide this service as well as supporting business needs.”

What do you enjoy most about your role?

“I like the wide variety of the role and learning more about the NAV process. I have developed strong working relationships with several water companies and have gained a good understanding of their policies and procedures. Due to my knowledge and experience I can offer support in several ways to the business for example, developing business processes and policies as well as getting involved in any projects that might be running.”

How is your role key to the overall NAV process?

“My role and the role of my team is to ensure we have the relevant data and information for properties on all sites to ensure we can bill customers in a timely manner. We ensure customers have received the relevant information from us and the services we provide to them. We work closely with the incumbents to ensure properties are set up with the correct data and information.”