A day in the life of the Managing Director

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We have spent some time talking to Stephen Bradley about his role within Icosa Water. See what he has to say about working for us and what he gets up to on a day to day basis.

Who am I?

My name is Stephen Bradley and I am the Managing Director of Icosa Water.  I have been part of Icosa since it was founded in 2016 and have over 44 years utilities experience of which the vast majority is in water, with a little electricity and gas.

What is it like working for Icosa Water?

Icosa Water is a small dedicated team that is steadily growing with each year.  Our employees have a depth of understanding and the right mindset and professionalism to deliver what’s required and go the extra mile when needed.  My role setting up and growing a water company from scratch is a challenge and a joy as we started everything from a blank piece of paper and I am able to work across all levels of the business from discussions in the trench, meetings with incumbents on market performance through to meeting housebuilding clients developing what they need on their projects.

What does your day to day consist of?

“I am an early riser so my first thing is normally checking emails and utility/market information to keep me up to date as the water competition sector is continuing to evolve.  The rest of my days (in normal pre-covid times)  is taken up with meeting clients, discussing projects and services and with Icosa team members reviewing project performance and prospective designs and bids.”

What do you enjoy most about your role?

“Like most people I enjoy the variety of work each day and meeting people and building lasting work relationships.”

How is your role key to the overall NAV process?

“As MD I touch most parts of the NAV process within Icosa.  I am involved in discussing projects and bids with clients to tailor a project and then to ensure the various elements of a wastewater and water network are delivered on time and budget in a way that enhances the Icosa brand and leads to lasting relationships. I am involved with our regulators in developing the water competition arena and discussions with incumbents on service levels and charging rules.”