Get water smart, get ready for summer!

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Knowledge is power and knowing the facts around saving water and how you use water are just important saving water, having the facts makes you more conscious about what you use!

Facts about your water usage!

In the UK, each person uses an average of 140-150 litres of water per day compared to the recommended daily use of 110-120 litres of water!

You can see how much water you are using by checking your water bill!

If you haven’t already got a water meter installed get in touch with us to arrange a meter installation. That way, you’ll only pay for the water you use!


What can you do to help save water on those sunnier days?

Sunny days are made for the garden and as the weather is set to improve it’s important to remember to save every drop we can of water.

Love your watering can

Ditch the hosepipe and switch it for a watering can. Even better invest in a water butt to collect those rain drops and use them in your garden.

Reuse that paddling pool water!

Did you know that the averaged sized paddling pool needs 530 litres of water to be filled? This is more than three times the daily amount of water usually needed by one person! Instead of pouring it away reuse it, whether it is to water the plants or have a water fight in the garden.

Let it all grow out.

Grow your lawn out, did you know the longer grass creates shade on the soil keeping the ground moist which keeps in nice healthy, plus gives you more time to enjoy the sun with your loved ones or on your own!

Keeping your plants cool

Did you know it is better to water your plants in either the morning or at night on a hot day? It will prevent the amount of water lost to evaporation. Using mulches around your shrubs and flowers can prevent any water that you use from evaporating.