Growth in a pandemic

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As life slowly returns to normality our dedicated team at Icosa Water have been working hard throughout the lockdowns despite the challenges that these unprecedented times bring.

Icosa continue to grow throughout the pandemic with now over 80 licensed Ofwat across England and Wales, with many more moving through the licensing process. We have secured more than 100,000 domestic connections covering water, foul and surface water services.

We have not only grown in connections and licensed areas, but also have increased the Icosa team significantly to be able to continue to deliver first rate customer service.

Why Icosa Water?

Life is all about choice and developers have this when it comes to deciding on the adopting water company,  for the water and/or wastewater assets on their developments.

1704 Common Creek Wharf

What we do?

It is simple we will adopt, own, and maintain your development network, just like the local incumbent but also provide additional benefits, such as

  • We work closely with our developers and customers to deliver first rate customer service.
  • We compete on a site-by-site basis offering you tailored solutions to your development.
  • We offer adoption of all SuDS features.
  • We provide and install internet enabled SMART metering.
  • If you choose Icosa there is no requirement for bonds on sewer adoption.
  • S104 are usually completed within 4-6 weeks, which reduces the program that incumbents traditional offer.

Is my site eligible for new appointment and variation?

A site will be eligible if it meets the following criteria:

  • Unserved
  • For a large user
  • Given consent by the incumbent water and/or wastewater company.

You can find out more on the Ofwat website –

All sites also need to go through a financial viability with Ofwat prior to license granting.

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