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How can Icosa Water benefit your site?

In a complicated industry, we make the process simple. With our knowledge and industry insight, we work with you to develop solutions, leaving behind the inflexibility and inefficiencies you often face.

We work across England and Wales with developments of varying size to explore alternative water and wastewater solutions that suit its needs, not those of incumbent. No site is too small or too large.

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Pride in our appearance

We take great pride in how our sites look, and we know you do to, so we offer a Greenspace Service to all our developments. A member of the Icosa team will maintain the developers green spaces, trees, hedges and community open spaces. The open spaces and green areas of a development are key to establishing the right feel of the site, its ambience and sense of community, which is why we understand how it is important to your brand to make sure your site reflects this.

Benefiting the environment

As part of the Icosa community offering we have an environmental team based on each site, with the sole task of maintaining the green environment and delivering a sense of community. The Icosa team work in the long term as part of the water and environmental management of the estate.

Protecting the environment is important to us here at Icosa Water, which is why we take time and consideration in the design and construction our networks and how the area around them will be affected.

We achieve this by assessing route proposals and endeavour to eliminate or reduce the impact and disruption to the environment.

Modular Sewerage Treatment

The Icosa solution to high off-site costs proposed by incumbents, for the provision of pumping stations and rising sewers to connect to their waste network or remote municipal treatment facilities, is to construct a smaller modular sewerage system that is constructed adjacent to storm water storage and local water courses.

The wastewater installation is constructed with parallel streams to comply with building rates of the development and the necessary quality requirements of the receiving water for the EA discharge permit. For example, Rotating Biological Contractor (RBC) units have little height, are odour free, virtually silent and are screened with hedging and reeds, therefore making the installation invisible from a few metres away.

Our approach reduces initial capital requirement for the development and provides lower cash flow for the project. The modular treatment systems are designed to be low energy, low maintenance and to utilise natural locally sustainable resources to provide maximum biodiversity and environmental benefits, whilst achieving optimal water quality output. Icosa Water works with the Environmental Agency to define and deliver the wastewater discharge standard required, from the modular treatment, to ensure high environmental and habitat benefits and long term sustainable solution to community water management.

We are happy to discuss the feasibility of on-site wastewater treatment and discuss the options to avoid high off-site capacity and rising sewer costs.

SuDS and Drainage

The operation and maintenance of surface water and storm water running off and on developments has historically been a huge issue for both planners and builders alike. The Icosa solution is the adoption and management of sustainable drainage systems and retention lakes as a sewerage undertaker under the Water Act 2014.

We adopt all SuDS and drainage facilities on-site and manage them with our on-site integrated water team. We undertake this as we believe that to effectively manage the water cycle, its resources and the environment; we have control of all the elements and can deliver high customer service, flood resilience and control and enhance the environment in which your customers live.

Our SuDS adoption service is through a low initial commuted sum, with an annual payment on residents levied through a small property charge.