How your development can positively impact the environment?

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Following on from #WorldEnvironmentDay we want you to think how you can design a site that can positively impact the natural environment while building your development.

We are shining a light on sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) and how it can positively impact the environment of your development. Here at Icosa Water we have owned and operate on a wide range of SuDS since 2016.

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) offer a more natural approach to managing drainage systems within new developments than traditional drainage systems. They are designed to temporarily store water during storm events, reduce peak flows and reduce surface water runoff, by mimicking the natural cycle of water management by retaining water where it lands.

There are various types of SuDS features that can be implemented within a development, but ground conditions and surrounding features can impact selection.

A more in depth look at the types of SuDS we can offerl

Flood Risk Management
SuDS are designed to replicate natural drainage systems so reducing the impact of the development on the natural hydrology. Where installed, SuDS are intended to manage the flow and volumes of water entering local water systems to mitigate the risk of flooding.

Water quality
SuDS filters sediment and contaminants from runoff, enhancing its quality. By intercepting rainfall and reducing the volume that enters sewers and drains, they play a crucial role in reducing combined sewer overflow and the amount of runoff that requires treatment.

Biodiversity and ecology
Natural environments are preserved, established, and supports existing and new wildlife. This boosts variety of life forms and enhances the condition of ecosystems within the development.

Recreation and Health
Open, green spaces provide opportunities for people to walk, cycle and participate in organised sports. This enhances the physical, mental and social health of communities.

Amenity and Economy
Large, open spaces and more trees and greenery add to the area’s natural beauty. It also draws in tourists and contributes to the value of housing and land prices, increasing economic growth.

Let’s see what Keith Edwards our Associate Director – Water had to say about SuDS

“A well designed and managed SuDS is an attractive and cost-effective way of attenuating and managing surface water run off at a new development.

To my mind the key stage is the design. By making sure treatment and storage options are appropriately sized, installed in the right order and space is allowed for future maintenance requirements the system becomes truly sustainable.”