Reducing Capital Cost on Foul and Surface Networks

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Reducing Capital Cost on Foul and Surface Networks.
Incumbents technical design standards and philosophies have proved costly for developers for many years. To reduce cost and to improve the overall customer experience, Icosa Water provide adoption standards that are developer friendly.

Examples of some of those capital cost reductions include:

Attenuation Tank Adoption – Icosa will adopt 1 in 100 event tanks rather than 1 in 30 which allows the developer to build one tank instead of two. This gives a capex saving of £60k upwards depending on tank design and size.

Rising Sewer Main – Utilising our framework contractors, Icosa Water can often construct rising sewer mains 10-20% cheaper than incumbents, and within a shorter delivery programme.

Pumping Stations – Icosa Water specification for pumping stations often require less storage capacity than incumbents and will require less MEICA. We will also take a pragmatic approach to compound specification.

Please contact our Developer Services Team on 0330 320 0762 or email to discuss your development requirements and see how Icosa Water can reduce capital cost.