Spring Cleaning – getting to know the water fixtures in your home.

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It’s time to spring into action and make sure your home is ship shape. Getting to know your water fixtures can help prevent emergencies, save you money and make your home water efficient.

In the spirit of spring cleaning follow our helpful check list to make sure your home is as efficient as possible.

Are your appliances water efficient?

Could the appliances in your home do with some updating? Why not investigate products that are water efficient that also save energy, water and money?

Check for dripping taps inside and outside your home

A single dripping tap can waste 5,000 litres of water a year. Think of how much water and money you could save!

icosawater girl cleaning windows

Do you know where your stop tap is? It’s important that you know where your stop tap is located in case of an emergency. The stop tap is usually located underneath the kitchen sink, but it is always worth checking.

Clean your guttering

The quickest and easiest way to make sure your drains are operating at peak efficiency, is simply to clean them! Remove any leaves, mud or other detritus from the grate to stop any potential issues.

Check your lagging

Over the last couple of months our homes have taken quite a hit weather wise, it’s worth checking that none of your lagging has been affected. If you don’t have any lagging, it may be worth investing in some to help protect your pipework.

Invest in a water butt

Thousands of litres of water fall on your roof every single year; a water butt catches rainwater which can be reused to water your garden.

Remember you’re not only conserving this valuable resource for suture generations with these small changes. You’re saving money, energy and protecting your home from future issues. If every household makes these small changes, we can all make a big difference.