The importance of saving water

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We all know COVID-19 has changed our everyday life from how we work, to our lifestyle and this change can also be seen in water usage with changes in patterns of when it is at its highest demand. We all expected domestic water usage to increase as many of us set up to work at home, with drinking more cups of tea and not to mention more toilets being flushed. It is only logical that there would be an increase in demand for water with many of us setting up the paddling pool in the garden to cool off or realising your love of your gardening and tending your plants to give a welcomed piece of escapism to our new reality. No matter how lovely these activities may feel it is still important to keep in mind our water usage.

At some of our sites we have seen a huge spike in demand with a record high of 111,900 . This works out at around 260 litres of water being used by each person per day which is over double the recommended 110 to 120 litres per person per day! If each household could reduce their usage by 10% it could make a huge impact on the pressure that our networks are feeling as well as improving your water pressure, saving water, saving money and saving the environment.

It could be as simple as changing a few habits around the house; making sure your dishwasher and washing machine is always full, to switching the tap off while you brush your teeth or cutting your shower time down by a minute. All these things, however small, can make a huge difference in the amount of water that you use!

We are used to hearing from water companies about the importance of saving water in hot weather, but did you know that a dry winter can affect reservoirs, rivers and ground water? We rely on wet winters to keep our natural resources topped up so there is not a shortage of water especially during hot weather. This is why it is so important to save water all year round!