Your Water Usage

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Understanding your water usage

COVID-19 has affected how we use our water, but with life slowly returning to some normality with people returning work and our little ones returning to school or childcare. We should start to see some normality in our water usage.

It is only normal to have seen a slight rise in your water bill with us all being home, but hopefully with everyone returning to world of work you will start to see a slight decrease in your water bill as you will be spending less time there.

Do you know how much water you are using?

Did you know many people do not know how much water they use!

In the UK, each person uses an average of 140-150 litres of water per day compared to the recommended daily use of 110-120 litres of water!

You can see how much water you are using by checking your water bill!

It is important to teach our household the best way to save water and be conscious about what we use.

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Water Meters

You can use a water calculator to see how different elements of your daily water use can be reduced to potentially make further savings.

The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) represents water and sewerage consumers in England and Wales. They provide a current and accurate water meter calculator for all water customers.

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