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Brockhill (Phase 4)

We supply your  wastewater.  Your water is supplied by Severn Trent Water. 

This section is for customers who have recently moved into a property at Brockhill (Phase 4).

If you are unsure whether we provide your wastewater services, you can give our Billing Team a call on 0333 000 0113. 

Below you will find some frequently asked questions. 

What service do you provide to my home? 

We provide wastewater services to your home, sometimes known as dirty water. 

The sewerage system serving your home and your area which we own and operate is designed to effectively take away wastewater from your drains to wastewater treatment works for treatment and disposal. 

We remove both foul water (wastewater from your toilets, showers, baths and sinks) and surface water. There are two possible options for treating the wastewater in your area, depending on the circumstances. On the one hand, we may connect our sewers to those of the regional incumbent’s sewerage network for treatment and disposal by that company. On the other hand, we may install and operate on ‘onsite’ treatment plant which will treat the wastewater locally and discharge it in accordance with the requirements laid down by the Environment Agency. 

Register your details 

To register with us, please complete our online form.  To do this you will need the following information to hand: 

  • Your name 
  • Your address, including postcode 
  • Contact details such as telephone number and an email address 

What will I be charged

We review our prices every year and produce a leaflet, which we issue with our bills, detailing our services to you and our charges.  You can download our current charges for your area  here.

As we only provide wastewater services to your home, your water supplier will bill you separately.


We’ll send your bill out bi-annually and you can choose from a variety of payment methods. 

Your water services are provided to you by Severn Trent Water, you will need to register with them separately.

Your water services are provided to you by Severn Trent Water, you will need to register with them separately.

Can I pay Severn Trent Water and they pay you?

Unfortunately not. Please be assured that our charges are the same as the incumbent’s wastewater charges. 

Severn Trent Water can be contacted on 03457 500 500.

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