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All you need to know about metering can be found in this section including the benefits and potential savings of switching to a meter, how to apply for a meter and also how to read and submit your meter readings.

The majority of customers have a water meter

Locating your meter

We prefer to fit water meters outside, usually in the footpath, where they are easy for us to read and maintain without having to disturb you.  There are generally 3 possible locations:

  • In the path at the end of your garden
  • In a box on an outside wall
  • Inside your home under the sink

Sometimes they can be found in the basement or in the downstairs toilet. If the meter is inside your home it will normally be fitted on the water pipe as it enters your home (usually near to the stop-tap).

Water meters are extremely reliable and accurate and are approved for accuracy by their manufacturer.

Meter readings

We will read the meter to your property at least once a year. If we fail to do this, we’ll pay (or credit your account if it is in arrears with) £20 compensation, provided that we were not restricted from accessing your meter when we attempted to carry out the read. If we have not been able to take a meter reading, we will bill you based on estimated consumption. If you would prefer to be billed on the volume registered by your meter, you can take a reading and submit the actual meter read.

Please note the meter is the property of Icosa Water Limited regardless of its location and it is a criminal offence to tamper with or remove it.

How to read your meter

How To Read Your Meter

Reading the meter is very easy. A typical water meter will have the following dials on it:

The black and white numbers.  These numbers show how many cubic metres of water you’ve used. We calculate your bill using this reading.

Red and white numbers. These numbers show fractions of one cubic metre.  We do not need these numbers to calculate your bill.

If you wish to submit your own meter reading please do so using our online form.

Moving your meter

You can apply to us in writing to have your meter moved. We are not obliged to move it but if we feel that it can be relocated we will confirm this to you in writing and advise you of the costs involved. If we have not carried out a survey within 5 working days of your request to move the meter, we will pay you £20. If we confirm that we can move the meter and provided you have paid the necessary costs, we will pay you £20 if we have not moved it within 15 working days of receiving payment from you.

Meter accuracy

Water meters are extremely reliable and accurate, however if a meter isn’t working properly it tends to under record rather than over record. So, where meter readings are higher than expected, this generally means more water has been used since the last meter reading or you’ve got a leak on your water supply pipe, or inside your home.

If you don’t think your meter is working properly, please contact our Billing Team 0333 000 0113. Further details can also be found in our Customer Promise

If you have a leak that is on our system, you may be entitled to a leakage allowance.  Details of how leaks are dealt with and how the leakage allowance works are contained in our Code of Practice – Leakage 2022

Meter charges

Most of the properties we serve are supplied by a water meter.
Metered customers pay:

  • A charge for the quantity of water used, based on the amount of water used as measured by the water meter
  • A standing (fixed) charge which covers the cost of reading and maintaining the meter
  • A charge for water recycling (including sewerage), normally based on 90% of the water supplied as measured by the meter. The 10% ‘reduction’ allows for activities like garden watering and car washing. However, if you can demonstrate that less than 90% of your water is returned to our sewer, please contact us to discuss whether a greater ‘allowance’ is appropriate
  • A standing charge for water recycling/ sewerage services, which cover the costs of maintaining the sewerage system and of disposing of any surface water drainage.

These charges should all be reflected on your bill.

Although no usage charges will apply to properties that are unoccupied, standing charges will still apply. These charges will continue to accrue unless a specific request has been submitted to us to turn off your supply.

If your property is not connected to a surface water drain, we will not charge you for this service. If you believe you are being incorrectly charged, then please contact the Billing Team on 0333 000 0113.

Complete Form to submit a meter reading

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  • Please provide a contact number in case we need to discuss your meter reading.
  • Your meter details

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