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We’re sure you have received many messages and information regarding COVID-19 these are very uncertain times for us all, however here at Icosa Water we’d like to assure all our customers we are taking every necessary precaution to continue our water and wastewater services to your properties.
Our top priority is to keep our customer and employees safe and we are monitoring the situation daily. To ensure this is effective we are following the government health advice guidelines.

Advice for Retail and Industrial Users

The pace of change in mid-March 2020 meant the drinking water systems in many buildings will have been stagnant over this period.
During the lockdown restrictions Icosa Water has continued to maintain its own networks and systems to assure the quality of water entering a building.
It is now critical that building owners, managers and landlords also take action to manage the risk of water systems that have not been used, to ensure that as staff return, water systems are safe.
The advice seeks to help owners/occupiers of industrial units, construction sites, commercial, and retail business premises with the necessary information concerning the restoration of water supplies in buildings following the national ‘lockdown’ restrictions as a consequence of the outbreak of COVID-19.

Please see our additional documents for further information

Restarting Systems
Advice after shutdown-Restarting System

The Risks
Advice after shutdown-The-Risks

Further Information
Advice after shutdown-Further information


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Extra Care

If you need any additional support please do not hesitate to contact our Extra Care Team 0333 000 0113, who are always happy to help.

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Worried about your bills

If you are struggling with your bills, please get in touch with us on 0333 000 0113 to find out how we can assist you. The sooner you can get in touch the sooner we can help.

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Personal Care

The government have stressed the importance on hand hygiene, and we can only reinforce this message. Frequent hand washing can help prevent the spread on COVID-19, which is of key importance over the upcoming months. This may be more frequent however it only requires, and small amount of additional water and you should not see significant rise in your bills if you are metered.

Government Advice

To see in further detail the governments guidelines click below.

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Our thoughts are with all our customer who are affected by COVID-19.