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We work closely with the UK’s housebuilders, developing bespoke services that provide ‘traditional’ water and wastewater offerings, coupled with environmentally enhancing products such as SuDS adoption and water recycling.

Using our extensive industry knowledge, expertise and understanding of the services we provide, means we understand individual developments, enabling us to reduce costs for you and your customers.

Our innovative and sustainable water services are an option for you to obtain enhanced sustainability targets through reduced carbon costs and lower water consumption; whilst still improving the commerciality of your development through options such as water recycling and on-site waste treatment to eliminate high off-site costs.

Your customers

A NAV must ensure that its customers must be substantially ‘no worse off’ if they are supplied by a new appointee than if they were supplied by the existing appointee in that area. This means that the quality of service, the charges for water and sewerage services, must be the same.

Our charges can be found on our website and are updated annually on the 1st April. Our charges are approved by Ofwat. We cannot charge homeowners any more than the local incumbent for the services we provide.

Industry regulators ensure that we keep to the rules and meet our obligations as a licensed company. These regulators have powers to regulate new appointees as they do existing monopoly water companies. Ofwat has a legal duty to protect the interests of consumers, wherever appropriate by promoting effective competition.