Hitting new milestones

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Since our establishment in 2016 every year we’ve hit new milestones. This year we promise it will be no different. Reflecting on our growth in 2019 we’ve had over 30 new sites go live, and with 82,000 water, wastewater and SuDS connections on our order book. We are all incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far and we plan to continue this success throughout 2020.

From the green fields where the development first starts, all the way through to when the customers move into their new home. We take great pride in the relationship we build, not only with the developers during the adoption process but the customers we supply a high-quality service.

We have years of extensive industry knowledge, expertise and experience behind us at Icosa Water, enabling us to understand and adapt to your sites needs and helping you to reduce costs on your development. This combined with our adaptable approach and determination to treat every site like our first, with care and consideration, is what makes us a front runner in the NAV market.

If you would like to get in touch with Icosa Water about a potential development or any questions please contact our Developer Services Team.

icosawater row of house new build