Icosa Water and your Development

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Helping developers reduce cost and time on S104 and water connections

Remembering you have a choice when it comes to who supplies water and/or wastewater to your development. A NAV can offer you tailored adaptable solutions to your development whilst working in partnership with you.

Our team at Icosa Water has a wealth of knowledge & experience ready to help you with your development. We supply domestic, commercial and mixed-use schemes all over England. We have the same obligations as the local incumbent & are regulated by OFWAT, The Drinking Water Inspectorate, Consumer Council for Water and DEFRA.

Icosawater Site Drayton Meadow

As a NAV we can serve your site if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • Unserved
  • For a large user (In England, 50 megalitres of water per year)
  • Given consent by the incumbent water and/or wastewater company

How are we different?

  • We aim to complete your S104 within 4-6 weeks.
  • Adoption of SuDS features
  • Providing and installing internet enabled SMART metering.
  • No requirement for bonds on sewer adoption.
  • No charge for water design
  • No administration fees for using self-lay providers (SLP’s)

Want to learn more about us?

Download our brochure.

If you wish to speak to us please get in touch with our Developer Services Team on 0330 320 0762 or email developerservices@icosawater.co.uk.