Top tips to save money and prepare your home for the colder months to come

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It’s important to be prepared, to help save you money, prevent expensive repairs and keep you and your home warm through the colder seasons.

  • Make sure all your guttering is clear of any debris, to make sure your drains are operating at peak efficiency. Check out our article on Icosa Waters tips for clearing out your guttering here –Falling leaves, filling drains
  • Insulate exposed pipes inside and outside your home, to help prevent frozen pipe. An easy way to do this is to use lagging, a foam tube that sits around the pipe. Lagging your pipes is easy to do with supplies that can be purchased from your local DIY store.
  • Keep your heating on a low or frost setting when you’re not home, using draft excluders on doors or closing curtains when the heating comes on in the evening is a good way to stop heat escaping.
  • Repair any dripping taps or leaks to help you save money and prevent wasting water!
  • It’s important to be prepared, know where your stop tap is – Your stop tap is usually located under your kitchen sink but it’s worth checking the location before anything happens so that you can react quickly in an emergency to shut off the water supply.
  • Have the number of a plumber to hand – Should you experience a burst pipe you will then be able to quickly contact someone. We recommend you use a plumber that is an eligible member of an Approved Plumber/Contract Scheme such as WaterSafe.

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