Who are Icosa Water and what do we do?

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About us

Licensed by Ofwat we are a statutory water and sewerage undertaker who operate across England, under the New Appointment & Variation (NAV) process, from the Water Industry Act 1991.

We are part of the Last Mile Group who provide electricity and gas networks to new developments. Last Mile are part of Infracapital, the infrastructure equity investment arm of M&G.

Providing both domestic and mixed-use schemes with water and/or wastewater. We compete with incumbents to provide traditional water and wastewater services.

What is a NAV?

A New Appointment & Variation (NAV) is where an independent water and wastewater company replaces the local incumbent as the water and/or wastewater undertaker for a defined piece of geography within in England and Wales.

Our services include:

  • Potable water – water networks including service connections and metering, installed and adopted on time.
  • Wastewater – foul and surface networks including pumping stations.
  • SuDs – adoptions of most SuDs assets.

1704 Common Creek Wharf

How do we compete?

  • We work closely with our developers and customers to deliver first rate customer service.
  • We compete on a site-by-site basis offering you tailored solutions to your development.
  • Our charges for our customers match the relevant incumbent tariffs.
  • We offer adoption of all SuDS features.
  • We provide and install internet enabled SMART metering.
  • If you choose Icosa there is no requirement for bonds on sewer adoption.
  • S104 are usually completed within 4-6 weeks, which reduces the program that incumbents traditional offer.
  • Reduction in Capex through technical design