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Our customer commitment 

Our commitment is backed up by our Customer Guarantee Standard Services which includes all the standards set out in government regulations.

We want to give you the very best service possible at all times and we work hard to ensure that all our customers receive a consistently high level of service, monitoring our performance very carefully.

We try to keep our promises and make sure you’re satisfied with what we do for you.

If we fail to meet one of these guarantees, we will pay you the amount shown our Guaranteed Service Standards.

If you think you may be due a payment as part of our Guaranteed Standards Scheme, you can request this in either by calling us on 0330 111 0780; emailing us at or writing to us at Icosa Water, Sophia House, 28 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LJ.


When we make an appointment to visit you, we will advise you whether we will visit either before or after 1pm. You can then request the visit in a 2-hour period. If we do not keep the appointment as made, we will credit your account with £50. We aim to meet all our appointment times. If we cannot, we will let you know at least 24 hours in advance. If we fail to make the appointment or cancel the appointment with less than 24 hours notice, we will credit your water services account with £50. Payments will not apply if the appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice because of circumstances beyond our control, for example extreme weather conditions, strikes or the actions of a third party. If we fail to credit your account within 10 working days of the missed appointment date, you will be entitled to an additional compensation of £10.

Written Complaints

We will respond to written complaints within the 10 working days which follow the day that we receive your complaint. In the unlikely event that we fail to meet this timescale, we will pay you £30. We must make this payment within the ten working days from the date we were due to provide you a response by. If we fail to do this you can claim a further £10.

Water Pressure

If your water pressure falls substantially below normal, please let us know. We will first check whether this is due to an operational fault for example a burst main. If not, then we will carry out further checks with pressure loggers.

If we have identified a pressure level in the communication pipe below seven metres static head for at least one hour on two separate occasions within a 28-day period, you are automatically entitled to a £30 payment. This can only be made once in a 12-month period It is sometimes difficult to know who has been affected by low pressure.

If you were affected and we have not credited your account, please call us within 3 months of the last of the two occasions of low pressure.

If significantly high water pressure causes any damage to your water fittings as a result of our negligence, we will pay for the cost of any repairs to these fittings.

Debt Recovery Action

In some circumstances, we will refer customers’ debts to debt collection agencies. The agencies we use are registered with the Office of Fair Trading and are members of the Credit Services Association and subject to its code of practice. In the unlikely event that a debt is pursued this way in error or the debt collection agent acts improperly, we will credit your water services account with £25.

In some circumstances, we register a default against customers’ credit files held by Credit Reference Agencies. In the unlikely event that a debt is pursued this way in error, we will correct the situation and credit your water service account with £15.

Water Shortages

If we have to interrupt or cut off your supply as a result of a Drought Order, we will except in exceptional circumstances automatically pay you £10 for each day, or part day, that your water supply is interrupted. This is up to a maximum of the average household water bill from the previous year.


If you are on a metered supply, the meter will record all of the water we supply to your property, which will include any leak on your supply pipe or from appliances in your home. However, if the cause of the leak is fully repaired, you will qualify for a one-off leak allowance, where we will adjust your charges back to their normal levels. Where we have no record of previous usage, e.g. you have recently moved into the property, we will estimate your normal usage. If subsequent meter readings show your actual usage to be lower than our estimate, we will make a further adjustment to reflect this.

If you are worried that you may have a leak on your supply pipe, please contact us and we will arrange for a Technician to visit and check your supply. If our visit confirms that there is a leak, we will advise you to contact your plumber for this to be repaired.

If the repair is completed within 30 days of the date of our Technician’s visit, we will make an allowance for the leak as a credit to your water bill. If the repair takes longer than 30 days, the value of the allowance may be reduced. Time to repair 30-60 days allowance reduced by 33%; 60-90 days allowance reduced by 66%.  More than 90 days no allowance.

You should apply for the leak allowance once the leak has been satisfactorily repaired and within one month of the repair being carried out. Please contact our customers services team on 0330 111 0780 or email us at

A copy of the invoice for the repair work will be required. If you are unable to provide this, we may need to visit your property to inspect the repair. Leak allowances are not made where the leak is due to customer negligence. Customers may receive one leak allowance per property.

Account Queries

We aim to respond to written queries about your water services account within 5 working days. If we fail to respond to a written query regarding the correctness of our charges within 10 working days of receiving it, we will credit your water services account with £30. If we fail to credit your account within 10 working days of our reply, you will be entitled to a further penalty payment of £10.  Payment arrangements: We will respond to a written request to change your payment arrangements within 5 working days of receiving your request. If fail to meet this standard we will credit your water services account with £30. If we fail to credit your account within 10 working days of our reply, you will be entitled to a further penalty payment of £10.

Interruption to Supply

Occasionally we need to turn off the water supply to carry out essential, planned work. We will let you know in advance and tell you when the supply will be restored.

For interruptions of more than 4 hours, we will give you at least 48 hours’ notice in writing. We will restore the supply by the time stated in the notice.

After an emergency or unplanned interruption, we will restore supplies within 12 hours for most bursts or within 48 hours if it is a burst on a strategic main. If necessary, we will give you an alternative supply.

If we fail to meet any of these standards, we will automatically credit £30 to your account and a further £10 for every additional 24 hours that you remain without water. You may request a direct payment. Payments will be made within 20 working days. If we fail to make a payment within this time, we will pay you a further £30.

It is sometimes difficult to know who has been affected by these interruptions. If you were affected and we have not credited your account, please call our Customer Services team.

Sewer Flooding

Unfortunately, on rare occasions where there is a blockage or collapse in one of our sewers, or where exceptionally heavy rainfall has overloaded the sewer, some properties may experience sewage flooding. If this happens, please call us straight away.

We investigate the cause of sewage flooding following all reported incidents.

If sewage enters your home from our sewer network we aim to inspect the problem within four hours of you letting us know.

Where the sewage flooding enters your home we automatically refund your sewerage charge for the year (minimum payment £150 up to a maximum of £1,000 per incident).  In addition to this sum, we will automatically pay you up to £100 for the disturbance the sewage flooding causes. We will determine the amount payable on a case-by-case basis.

Where the sewage flooding has caused damage to your home or contents, we will consider making a contribution to your uninsured losses.  If you have critical health related circumstances, at the time of the sewage flooding, and you arrange to move into temporary accommodation we will consider making a discretionary payment of up to £50 per day, up to a maximum of £500 towards your costs.

If sewage enters your garden from our sewer network, we aim to inspect the problem the same day you let us know.

Where the sewage flooding enters only your land or garden, you can claim back a sum equal to half of your sewerage charges for the year (minimum payment £75 up to a maximum of £500 per incident).

Your claim will only be valid if you were materially affected by the sewage flooding incident to your land or garden.

You will therefore need to show or explain the effect of the sewage flooding, on your land or garden, when you make a claim.

Normally, we will make this assessment when we visit to view the sewage flooding and we will leave a claim form with you if we consider you have been materially affected. We only accept written claims for external sewage flooding and will assess your claim based upon the information you provide.

If you are affected by both internal and external sewage flooding in the same incident, we will only pay you for the internal sewage flooding incident (see opposite for an explanation of our compensation payments for internal sewage flooding incidences). You will not receive an additional payment for the external sewage flooding.

We will also assist with the clean-up of the public highway if this has been affected by the sewage flooding incident.

Drinking Water Quality

If we believe there is a problem with the quality of your tap water due to our water supply system, we will provide you with appropriate advice on what to do and with an alternative water supply where we think necessary.

If the problem lasts for longer than 48 hours and is specific to your property or to a group of local properties, we will pay you £30 automatically. However, if the problem is more widespread, we will consider compensation where it is proved to be the result of our negligence.

If you tell us you are unhappy with the taste or smell of your water, we will investigate. Please note that all of our tap water contains chlorine, which helps to keep the water safe to drink – it is therefore normal for your tap water to have a slight chlorine taste or smell.

If you report a water quality problem which we consider could have an impact on the safety of your water supply, we will visit you within 4 hours (if it is convenient with you); and arrange for an alternative supply, if necessary.

In this circumstance, if we take a sample of water for analysis at our laboratory, we will give you an explanation of the key results by phone within 48 hours if you request it, and confirm the key results in writing, within 10 working days. If we don’t meet any part of this timetable, you can claim £30.

Please note that this does not apply if we tell you the analysis will take more than 48 hours.

Water Meters

We will undertake a survey and fit a meter within 50 working days from receipt of your request. If we do not meet this timescale we will only bill you the metered standing charge element of your bill until the meter has been fitted.

Since 1 April 2000 customers have been entitled to a Switchback Guarantee when applying for a water meter. The guarantee gives you the right to revert back to rateable value based charges anytime within the first 24 months. However, you will still need to pay for any metered charges incurred before you opt back. Please note: the meter will remain in position and future occupants will be charged on metered usage.

We will try to read your meter at least once a year. However, if we can’t gain access, we will estimate your water usage or we will accept your own reading if you provide it.

Exceptional Circumstances

In certain circumstances it will be impractical for us to meet our service standards. In such cases you will not be entitled to a payment.

Examples of where exclusions may apply are:

  • Exceptional or severe weather conditions
  • Industrial action
  • Third party action including action by customers.

Where a payment is made, it does not act as an admission of liability for any other purpose. Similarly, its acceptance by the customer, will not affect any other liability owed to them.

Any disputes arising in relation to the Guaranteed Standards Scheme may be referred to Ofwat for determination. Its decision is binding.

Dealing with compensation

Payments will be made within 10 working days. If we fail to make a payment within this time, you are entitled to claim a penalty payment of £30. You must claim the penalty payment within 3 months. Standards 4-11 state other penalty and claim definitions


Where we are undertaking works and require access to your property we will agree the timing and any specific access requirements in advance. Failure to consult will result in a £25 payment in respect of each affected property.

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