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Apply For Trade Effluent

If you are planning to discharge trade effluent to public sewer or you have an existing discharge that you think requires a consent please contact your appointed retailer to discuss further. They can offer advice on applying for a Consent or making a change to your existing Consent.

From April 2017 all Trade Effluent applications or requests to change existing Trade Effluent discharges must be made using a national standard document, known as G/02 Form.  This form can be downloaded here and we also provide further guidance documents here.

We require details of the process giving rise to the trade effluent discharge, your water usage and estimates of daily trade effluent volumes. In addition to completing the G/02 form you will also be required to provide a clear and comprehensive plan of the site drainage system showing the route taken by the trade effluent to the public sewer.

A designated sample point also needs to be identified and marked on the plan, where samples of the trade effluent can be obtained, please note that this is a legal requirement of a consent.

This point should be downstream of any treatment the trade effluent may receive but before it mixes with any other site drainage such as surface water or domestic effluent. The sample point should afford easy and safe access for sampling at all times.

There are charges associated with the application for, and subsequent issue of, a trade effluent consent and these charges can be obtained from your retailer.

It may not be possible, unfortunately, to meet with your requirements and consent may be refused. The reason that a Consent cannot be granted or changed will be discussed with you and or your retailer and possible alternatives may be offered. Reasons for refusal may include lack of treatment capacity at the receiving sewage works, for instance.

Apply for consent

Step 1

Complete the consent application form (G/02) – if any part of your application is missing or incorrect we will return it back to you to complete.  This can delay your consent application.  Use our guidance notes to help you.

Step 2

Print, sign and scan your consent form and email it to us at retail@icosawater.co.uk or you can post it to Icosa Water, Sophia House, 28 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LJ

Step 3

Our team will check your application form to make sure everything is in order.  If there are any issues with your application form, our team will be in touch with you.  We will contact you directly to confirm whether the consent is likely to be granted.  We have 45 calendar days to review and respond to your application.

Step 4

We will send you a copy of your final consent usually within 90 calendar days from the date they received your application.  If you would like to challenge the decision or content of your consent, you can.  You have a right to appeal and can lodge this with Ofwat.  You must lodge your appeal within 28 days from the date of issues of the final consent.

Step 5

When your consent comes into effect, your trade effluent charges will be applied.  We will confirm our charges to you prior to them taking effect.

Useful documents


Guidance Notes