Protect your pipes this winter!

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Protect your pipes

Insulating your pipes is the best way to prevent frozen or burst pipes. We recommend covering your pipes with a foam tube called lagging which is used to wrap around pipes. It can be purchased cheaply from most DIY stores and is very easy to install.

Making sure pipes inside and out are protected especially your outside ones as they are exposed to the elements making them vulnerable in the colder months. As well as lagging you should remove any hosepipe attachments and, switch off the valve that’s attached to the tap to prevent damage in the freezing weather.

Don’t forget to insulate pipework and water tanks in the loft – leaving the loft hatch open will allow the heat from your home to circulate up into the loft.


Quick guide to putting lagging on your pipes

All you’ll need:

  •  A tape measure or ruler
  • A saw or knife to cut the foam tube
  1. Locate the pipes you want to lag and measure the length pipework you need to cover – once you have done this you can purchase the required length from your local DIY store.
  2. Cut the lagging to the required length using a saw or knife.
  3. Open the tube sing the pre-cut split down one side length ways and clip it around the pipe making sure it’s a snug fit especially around joints and corners. You can seal any joints with tape if required.