If you have just moved in, welcome to Icosa Water.

You can register your details with us, find out about our charges and the services we provide to your home.  You can also sign up to Direct Debits, send us a meter read, ask us a question or tell us you’re moving.


Do we supply your home

If you’re not sure whether you receive your water and/or wastewater services from us, check our supply areas to find out

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Direct Debit

The easiest way to pay, giving you control over your finances

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Our Charges

Not sure what you pay for and how it’s calculated

Help & Advice

Information about drains, sewers, access to private property, low pressure, water quality and priority services


Report a leak

You can report a leak or flood by calling our 24 hour emergency number

0330 111 2014

Where you live

We supply water and wastewater services direct to household customers in England who are connected to our networks

Find out which services we supply to your home

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Why it’s important to save every drop

All you need to know about metering

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What to do if you have a leak

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Moving home?

It’s quick and easy to let us know if you’re moving home

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Report a problem

24 Hour Emergencies

You can report a leak or
flood by calling
0330 111 2014.