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In a complicated industry, we make the process simple.  With our knowledge and industry insight, we work with you to develop solutions, leaving behind the inflexibility and inefficiencies you often face.

We are experts in water and wastewater connections with extensive capability and experience.  The industry is complex and requires significant knowledge, expertise and experience. We work together with our customers and stakeholders to get the job done – on time.

We compete with the incumbent to provide wastewater and potable water services to your customers.  We aim to provide a competitive service in terms of price, our approach to working with you on-site and our ability to develop solutions that add value and overcome development obstacles that you may face.

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Our licence

We are governed by Ofwat. We adhere to all Codes of Practice and Guaranteed Standards for water companies. As a water company, our licence enables us to operate public water and sewerage networks as appointed water undertakers and sewerage undertakers, for the purposes of the Water Industry Act 1991. We also supply water and wastewater services direct to household and non-household customers who are connected to our networks.

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