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Water Resource Management Plan

Icosa Water is required to develop a Water Resource Management Plan (WRMP). The purpose of our WRMP is to explain how we intend to deliver secure and sustainable supplies of water to our customers. Our WRMP 2019 has been prepared in consultation with the Environmental Agency, DEFRA and Anglian Water.

Icosa Water Final WRMP- 2019

Icosa Water Drought Plan

Icosa is required to develop a Drought Plan. The purpose of the Drought Plan is to set out the measures that Icosa Water plans to take before, during and after a drought. At present Icosa Water does not own or operate its own water resources but relies on the provision of bulk supply transfers from regional supply companies. This company is responsible for monitoring the water resources and bulk supply transfers. Icosa Water’s strategy is to liaise closely with host companies regarding overall water resource and to maintain lines of communication during periods of drought as outlined within the plan.

Icosa Water Drought Plan