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Our License

Our Licenses

Our licence was granted in October 2016 to provide water and wastewater services in England and Wales.

We operate our licence under the New Appointment & Variation regime (known as a NAV).  This means we serve a specific geographic area with water or sewerage services or both.  Developers or large users can ask any company to be their supplier but have to apply to Ofwat for an appointment to serve their site. The application to Ofwat for an appointment ensures that we have the resources to provide water, sewerage or water and sewerage services.

Our licence dictates that the end customers will be no worse off than they would have been under the local incumbent.

If you wish to learn more about the different licences provided by Ofwat, please visit their website.

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Water company appointments (Instruments of Appointment)

Water companies operating the public water networks hold appointments as water undertakers, and those operating the public wastewater networks hold appointments as sewerage undertakers, for the purposes of the Water Industry Act 1991.

We hold appointments as water and/or wastewater undertakers to provide services direct to household customers and non-household customers who are connected to our networks.

Our Areas