Meet the women in our Construction team – International Women’s Day

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Meet Holly she works within our Construction department and she’s been with Icosa for 1.5 Years but has been in the industry for 17 years. Lets see what she had to say about her role within Icosa Water and equality in the utilities industry.

Can you tell me a little about your role?

I oversee Icosa’s contractors in delivering our potable water networks, ensuring that our apparatus is installed to adoptable standards, time, and budget.

Do you believe there is a gender bias within the utilities sector?

Personally, I’ve never been held back by my gender and rarely give it a second thought these days. I think this shows how far things have progressed in the industry even since I began my career 17 years ago!

What do you believe needs to happen to achieve gender equality in the utilities industry?

The idea of gender equality in the industry is becoming outdated. As new generations have filled more senior roles, there has been a shift in attitudes, and it is becoming less of an issue.

We must continue to work hard to highlight opportunities to the younger generations and encourage them to apply for roles which would traditionally be regarded as ‘male’ professions.


Pictured: Holly, Bethany and Rhian from our Construction Team