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A day in the life of Water Network Engineer

We have spent some time talking to Andrew Davies about his role within Icosa Water.

See what he had say about working for us and what he gets up to on a day to day basis.

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Who am I?

“My name is Andrew Davies and I am a Water Network Engineer for Icosa Water. I am fairly new to Icosa as I have been working here for just over a year, however I have been working within the water industry for 16 years.”

What is it like working for Icosa Water?

“I am enjoying the role due to the variety of work and challenges each project can bring. Having worked for an incumbent for 15 years, I was keen to explore the wider market and to be taken outside of my comfort zone. The opportunity arose to join Icosa Water as a Network Engineer which has presented new challenges and allowed wider exposure to a growing business and market.”

What does your day to day consist of?

“Cliché alert, but no two days are the same which is why I find the role so interesting. My role is very adaptable to the various needs of the business. I sit within Developer Services with my main function being responsible for clean water design and handover to construction, as well as delivering workstreams for other departments. For example, I can be involved in the upfront bid stage by producing designs and costings for projects and presenting to the Business Development Department. I also liaise with the incumbent obtaining ‘Point of Connection Reports’ and producing asset record drawings and databases for our Operational Department. “

What do you enjoy most about your role?

“It has to be the variety. I like the fact my role feeds into different parts of the business which has given me more exposure and has allowed me to learn more about different elements of the water industry and NAV market.”

How is your role key to the overall NAV process?

“I contribute to the overall NAV process by applying and obtaining the ‘Point of Connection Reports’ from the incumbent for the project’s needs (i.e. potable and/or wastewater). This information allows our Legal and Regulatory Department to proceed with the ‘Bulk Service Agreements’ which in turn allows OFWAT to grant the NAV licence for the site.”