Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Large-Scale Developments

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When it comes to strategic projects and larger developments, Icosa Water stands out as the ultimate partner. We use our expertise in water and wastewater connections to ensure your success.

How Icosa Water Can Empower Your Large-Scale Developments:

  1. Streamlined Masterplan Approvals: We excel in designing and obtaining technical approvals for the overall masterplan concerning water and wastewater. With our support, you can navigate through the complexities seamlessly, ensuring that your project meets all the necessary regulations and standards.
  2. Early Adoption Advantage: By collaborating with us from the outset, you’ll benefit from our proactive approach, accelerating progress, and avoiding potential pitfalls.
  3. Leading Nutrient and Water Neutrality: Icosa Water takes a proactive stance towards Nutrient and Water Neutrality. With our help, you can integrate environmentally responsible practices into your project.

Icosawater Newly Built Home

4. Superior SuDS Feature Adoption: Count on us to adopt and meticulously maintain all Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) features. These essential elements play a pivotal role in managing stormwater and ensuring ecological balance within your development.

5. Cutting-Edge SMART Metering: Stay ahead in the game with our Internet-enabled SMART metering solutions. Monitor and manage water consumption efficiently, optimizing resources and minimizing waste while embracing innovation.

6. Reliable Onsite Pumping Station Adoption: Icosa Water takes full responsibility for the adoption and maintenance of onsite foul and surface water pumping stations. Ensuring smooth and hassle-free wastewater management for your development.

7. Enhancing Development Asset Value: We believe in delivering value beyond measure.  We assess the asset value of your developments, payable per plot, allowing you to maximize your returns.

At Icosa Water, we understand that strategic projects require a trusted partner who can navigate the complexities with confidence. Let’s work together to bring your vision to life, on time and beyond expectations.