Icosawater Bluepipes Being Cut

Why Icosa Water

Our team delivers high levels of customer service through the provision of onsite community teams that enhance the local delivery during build out and ongoing customer satisfaction. As a regulated water business, our charges to your customers cannot exceed the traditional incumbent charges. In most cases, we provide a discount to the charges that would have been levied if the site was served by an incumbent.

Focused delivery of sewer adoptions, water mains and connections delivered on time to your program, adoption simply agreed and to a price that is commercially attractive.

We work closely with you in developing bespoke services that provide ‘traditional’ water and wastewater offerings coupled with environmentally enhancing products such as SuDs adoption, green space management and water recycling.

The services we provide comprise of community level sustainable water, sewerage and drainage solutions for residential developments, through the ownership and operation of ‘last mile’ on-site water and/or wastewater systems.

We work across England and Wales with developments of varying size to explore alternative water and wastewater solutions that suit its needs, not those of the incumbent.


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