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We want to give you the very best service possible at all times and we work hard to ensure that all our customers receive a consistently high level of service, monitoring our performance very carefully. We try to keep our promises and make sure you’re satisfied with what we do for you.

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Sophia House, 28 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LJ

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Focal Point, 27–35 Fleet Street, Swindon, SN1 1RQ
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How do I apply for Trade Effluent?

If you are planning to discharge trade effluent to public sewer or you have an existing discharge that you think requires a consent please contact your appointed retailer to discuss further. They can offer advice on applying for a Consent or making a change to your existing Consent.

For further information please click here

Where can I find your Charges Schemes?

Charges related to our services can be found in the wholesale tariff document. For full-service information please refer to our wholesale service offering or contact our Wholesale Team on 0330 111 0780.

Useful Information

Which areas do you supply?

To see the areas we supply please click here

Do I need set up an account with you?

Yes. You can set up your account with us by completing our ‘Register your household’ form. Click Here

How can I pay my bill?

We will send your bill out on a quarterly basis with the full balance due within 10 working days of receipt. You can arrange to pay your bills in monthly, fortnightly or weekly instalments. Please remember, it is your responsibility to check your bills. For further information click here

I can’t afford my bill, what should I do?

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to manage your financial outgoings, so if you’re having problems paying your bills please contact us on 0330 111 0780 as soon as possible to discuss alternative payment options. We are here to help you.

Who are we?

Icosa Water Services Ltd is an independent regulated water company established in 2015. Our licence to provide water and sewerage  services has been awarded by the Secretary of State for the Environment. We are proud to have a team with a longstanding track record of providing excellent water and wastewater services to both household and business customers.

There are many laws and regulations that govern what we do and the rights, which you have as a customer. Several industry regulators ensure that we keep to the rules and meet our obligations as a licensed company. For further information on how we are regulated please click here

How do I register my business?

If you would like to switch retailer, Icosa Water is committed to supporting your business needs. If you are uncertain as to whether your business is eligible to switch.

You can find further information here
Register your business here

How can I make a payment?

There are a number of ways in which you can pay your bill.

We send our bills out on a bi-annual basis with the full balance due within 10 working days of receipt. You can arrange to pay your bills in monthly, fortnightly or weekly instalments. Please note, it is your responsibility to check your bills.

How do I submit a meter read?

All Commercial premises have meters.

We aim to read your water meter at least twice a year, but if you’d like to send us a reading yourself, please call our team on 0330 111 0780. You can also submit a meter reading online – Click Here

I have an enquiry about a potential new development, who do I need to contact?

Please send as much information as possible to developerservices@icosawater.co.uk

I need to book manhole inspections, who do I need to contact?

These can be booked through our developer portal. Click Here

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